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If you're a Teacher Assistant, you know what your job entails. You're responsible for helping out in the classroom. The bulk of the job is to reinforce the teacher's lessons by working closely with students in small groups or on a one-on-one basis. In addition to giving extra attention to the students, you also assist the teacher with planning lessons, teaching, planning special activities, grading and more.

OK - straightforward enough. But the question now is, how do you translate that information onto a resume in such a way as to motivate a hiring manager into picking up the phone? If you're not sure, that's OK. Most people aren't used to thinking about their jobs in a promotional sense. But a good resume writer? Well, that's what they do.

Former recruiter David Alan Carter recommends the following resume services for Teacher Assistants... each with a Better Business Bureau score of "A" or better.

Recommended Resume Services for a Teacher Assistant Resume

Considering a Move into a Job as a Teaching Assistant?

If you're considering a move into teaching assisting from either a closely related field or from a totally unrelated profession, you'll be looking for a transitional resume -- and a talented resume writer to handle the assignment. Transitional resumes are some of the most difficult resume projects as they require a writer knowledgeable in at least two professions -- and the ability to identify transferable skills from one to the other.

Before you hand off that resume assignment, make sure you know enough about the job of a Teacher Assistant to... a) really want it, and b) be able to step up to the plate. Here's a quick overview (more information at Wikipedia - Teaching Assistant):

What You'll Do: Teaching assistants are often tasked with the following duties: taking attendance, enforcing school and classroom rules and regulations, going in-depth into materials presented by the teacher with smaller groups of students to evaluate understanding, assisting with lesson planning, helping grade homework and other assignments, taking over teaching duties on occasion, planning and setting up special activities, providing general supervision, giving additional help to special education students who attend standard classes, assisting younger kids with eating or personal hygiene and more.

You will probably be employed in a public or private academic institution, and you may interact with students from kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade. You could be assigned to help out with a particular subject such as art, math, or physical education in a specific area of the school. Full-time work during regular school hours is most common, but part-time employment is nearly as common. Like most teachers, you won't normally work during the summer months.

Skill Set: Since your entire job involves dealing with students, you will need to develop a certain skill set to succeed. Strong communication skills are essential for teaching. You need to be able to lecture, explain instructions, and give help effectively. You also need to possess a great deal of patience because students all learn and progress at different paces. You will encounter disrespectful and unruly students at times and must maintain your composure.

Education and Training: Educational requirements for teacher assistants vary widely depending on the school district. Most districts demand a high school diploma, but many assistants possess an associate's degree in a related field. Specific associate's degree programs for teacher assistants give students plenty of real world experience to get themselves acquainted with the job. Planning lessons, lecturing, and observing as a spectator during actual classroom sessions are all activities that you might be involved in.

Some states require the passing of a standardized exam before you can be employed in a school.

The Future: The Teaching Assistant profession is expected to grow at about 15% through 2020.

The Pay: Annual salaries for Teacher Assistants in the U.S. range from $16,500 to $36,100, with the average median annual wage hitting $23,600 in 2012 as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Still interested in pursuing a position in teaching assisting? Great. The next step is to prepare for a consultative telephone interview with your resume writer. Treat the coming job search like the business it is, and you'll do fine.

Best of luck,
David Alan Carter, OccupationalResumes.com

P.S. More information at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - Teacher Assistants and ONetOnline.org - Summary Report for Teacher Assistants


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