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If you're a Kindergarten Teacher, you know what your job entails. You are responsible for supervising and educating young children who are typically between the ages of 4 and 6. Since these are the ages when kids are just beginning to get a grasp of the world around them, you teach them the most basic of skills including: how to properly feed oneself, how to read and write, how to count, how to tie one's shoes, how to add and subtract, common etiquette like saying "please" and "thank you," morals like sharing and telling the truth, and more.

Is it rocket science? No. But it does require -- at a minimum -- a bachelor's degree, state certification, the patience of Job, and a knack for (if not specialized training in) child psychology. 

But the question now is, how do you translate that information onto a resume in such a way as to motivate a hiring official into picking up the phone? If you're not sure, that's OK. Most people aren't used to thinking about their jobs in a promotional sense. But a good resume writer? Well, that's what they do.

Former recruiter David Alan Carter recommends the following resume services for Kindergarten Teachers... each with a Better Business Bureau score of "A" or better.

Recommended Resume Services for a Kindergarten Teacher Resume

Considering a Career Move into Kindergarten Teaching?

If you're considering a move into kindergarten teaching from either a closely related field or from a totally unrelated profession, you'll be looking for a transitional resume -- and a talented resume writer to handle the assignment. Transitional resumes are some of the most difficult resume projects as they require a writer knowledgeable in at least two professions -- and the ability to identify transferable skills from one to the other.

Before you hand off that resume assignment, make sure you know enough about the job of a Kindergarten Teacher to... a) really want it, and b) be able to step up to the plate. Here's a quick overview (more information at Wikipedia - Kindergarten):

What You'll Do: Kindergarten teachers are involved in practically every aspect of a kid's life while he or she in school. You will have a wide range of duties that could include: general supervision, planning lessons, grading homework, giving quizzes or tests, teaching and giving demonstrations, keeping track of student progress, meeting with parents to share their children's performance, giving individualized attention to those who need it most, informing students of school and classroom rules, attending faculty meetings, and more. Kindergarten-age children are typically taught the fundamentals of math, science, English, art, music, and exercise. The exact topics you will teach and how in-depth you will go is determined by the school curriculum.

You'll probably work in a public elementary school during regular school hours but might be required to stay after for faculty meetings, parent-teacher meetings, creating lesson plans, grading, and extra-curricular activities. Full-time work is most typical for teachers, and summer months usually serve as vacation time since students are out of school.

Education and Training: To become a kindergarten teacher, you will need to get a four-year teaching degree. Specifically, a bachelor's degree in elementary education is recommended. Those who possess master's degrees may find it easier to get a job. Most elementary school teachers take multiple courses in child psychology, education, and a specific subject to teach such as math or science. If you have prior experience with tutoring or teaching, you will appear much more favorable to employers.

Aside from getting a teaching degree, you will need to receive a certification in the state you wish to teach in. Certification usually requires passing a standardized exam.

The Future: The kindergarten teaching profession is expected to grow at about 17% through 2020, though demand will vary by region.

The Pay: Annual salaries for Kindergarten Teachers in the U.S. range from $31,700 to $76,400, with the average median annual wage hitting $49,500 in 2011 as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Still interested in pursuing a position in kindergarten teaching? Great. The next step is to prepare for a consultative telephone interview with your resume writer. Treat the coming job search like the business it is, and you'll do fine.

Best of luck,
David Alan Carter, OccupationalResumes.com

P.S. More information at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - Kindergarten Teachers and ONetOnline.org - Summary Report for Kindergarten Teachers

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