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If you're an Environmental Engineer, you know what your job entails. You use your expertise of engineering and the natural and earth sciences to solve environmental issues that pose a threat to the human race, other living organisms, and the world as whole.

On the job, you tackle problems such as air and water pollution, recycling versus disposal, global warming, sustainability, and natural resources. This career takes you between clean, comfortable offices; treatment facilities; and dirty, outdoor sites on a regular basis. You also collaborate with other professionals including public health workers, urban planners, scientists, and lawyers quite frequently. Federal, state, and local governments are the largest employers of environmental engineers like you.

The question is, now that you're looking for a position, can you find a resume writer who understands your occupation? A writer who talks the language of waste water management, environmental sustainability, and CAD software? A writer who can craft an Environmental Engineer resume that puts your best foot forward and scores the interview in a highly competitive marketplace? Former recruiter David Alan Carter recommends the following resume services for Environmental Engineers... each with a Better Business Bureau score of "A" or better.

Recommended Resume Services for an Environmental Engineer Resume

Considering a Career Move into Environmental Engineering?

If you're considering a move into Environmental Engineering from either a closely related field or from a totally unrelated profession, you'll be looking for a transitional resume -- and a talented resume writer to handle the assignment. Transitional resumes are some of the most difficult resume projects as they require a writer knowledgeable in at least two professions -- and the ability to identify transferable skills from one to the other.

Before you hand off that resume assignment, make sure you know enough about the job of an Environmental Engineer to... a) really want it, and b) be able to step up to the plate. Here's a quick overview (more information at Wikipedia - Environmental Engineering):

What You'll Do: Your main duty will be to conceptualize and design systems that aid in preserving the environment. Your creations might include water purification facilities, air filtration systems, and energy-saving power generators. You might also be responsible for performing safety and quality-control inspections on existing facilities and systems, supervising and providing technical support for operations, analyzing data collected in the field by yourself or by other environmental workers, writing field reports on new findings, dealing with the legal aspects of the job, or educating the public on important environmental issues.

Topics of interest for many engineers who work in the field might include the reduction of car pollution, conversion of saltwater reservoirs into drinkable sources, and the mainstream adoption of alternative energies.

Education and Training: To qualify for an environmental engineering position, you must complete a four-year program resulting in a bachelor's degree in the field. Some employers will consider other engineering degrees such as those in civil or chemical engineering. Like with the majority of engineering jobs, real-world experience gives an applicant a huge edge. This practical experience can be had in the form of a co-op, side-job, or volunteer program.

Licensed engineers typically have more prestige and get more respect than their unlicensed counterparts, and their chances of landing desirable positions is significantly greater.

If you want to have a good shot at getting hired, make sure that you can communicate effectively, have good problem-solving abilities, and can contribute your share as part of a team.

The Future: The Environmental Engineering profession is expected to add approximately 11,000 new jobs through 2020, growing at about 22%. That's considerably faster than the average for all occupations.

The Pay: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median annual wage of $79,000 for 2011, with the top 10% pulling in over $119,00 a year.

Still interested in pursuing a position in Environmental Engineering? Great. The next step is to prepare for a consultative telephone interview with your resume writer. Treat the coming job search like the business it is, and you'll do fine.

Best of luck,
David Alan Carter, OccupationalResumes.com

P.S. More information at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - Environmental Engineer  and ONetOnline.org - Summary Report for Environmental Engineers


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