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Whether you're an accountant or a zoologist, your profession defines you, sustains you, and channels your future. The occupational resume is the embodiment of your professional life -- on paper. It's your calling card, your foot in the proverbial door, the first impression you'll likely make to prospective hiring officials. Obviously, it had better be good.

Most people, given enough time, can craft their own occupational resume. It's not rocket science. But it does require a thorough understanding of contemporary resume techniques, the ability to look at one's self through neutral eyes, and a knack for promoting without sounding promotional.

If you think your time and energies would be better spent in other aspects of the job search -- networking, for example -- there is a workaround. You can hire a professional resume writer. With that in mind, former recruiter David Alan Carter recommends the following services... each with a Better Business Bureau score of "A+ to B-."

Recommended Resume Services for Occupational Resumes

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Resume Writers.com

Grad-Level Professional Executive
$169 $199 $299

www.resumewriters.com | Reasonable pricing, standout writing, and an interview guarantee from the largest network of resume writers on the Internet. 99.98% customer satisfaction. Read in-depth REVIEW.

Great Resumes Fast

Rewrite Makeover Executive
$695 $1295 $1999
www.greatresumesfast.com | Writing is "top shelf" from a team of HR Execs, Hiring Managers and former Recruiters; each detailed on the company website. Interview guarantee. Read in-depth REVIEW.

Why We Selected These Companies

Since the Great Recession, seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry has nailed up a shingle advertising 'resume writing services.' But putting up a shingle doesn't mean someone can write, or has the necessary professional chops to craft a resume that will be competitive in today's tough job market. Many of these newer shops are nothing more than middlemen frantically outsourcing the actual writing to low-wage earners in India and elsewhere. In this economic climate, the last thing you want is an occupational resume that was outsourced to someone in the Philippines who doesn't know you, your profession, or the language.

We looked for resume writing services that met the following criteria:

That the firm has been in business long enough to have a track record that was public. Longevity is key: long term success for an online service provider is difficult if not impossible unless they embrace a pro-customer attitude. We looked for number of years in business, customer complaints posted on web forums, and most importantly...

That they were subject to ranking by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB typically scores companies on a scale from 'A' to 'F' based on criteria including longevity (there's that word again), sufficiency of information about the company, number and type of filed complaints, and the response by the company to those complaints.

That the breadth of services offered by the firm was adequate for the typical job seeker (i.e., that they handled cover letters, related documentation, and multiple resume formats such as e-resumes and PDF resumes).

Finally, that the company had writers on their staff -- or within their network -- who not only had the technical expertise to write highly competitive resumes, but could tap occupational experience that matched the background of their client.

The companies listed above were culled from the most popular online resume writing services, the rejects of which could fill a phone book. They all have BBB (Better Business Bureau) scores ranging from of A+ to B-. We're confident that any one of these four are up to the challenge of crafting an occupational resume that will generate interviews. And that's pretty much all we can ask for in our resume.

Best of luck,
Editor, OccupationalResumes.com

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